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Alternative Healers

Listed below are some of the ‘healers’ featured in her book.

Catherine also had sessions with a registered psychologist and an osteopath/holistic doctor but neither of them wanted their real names mentioned. Although, both of their therapies helped in overcoming her loss to a certain extent, it was the ‘messages’ from beyond, the NMT therapist, fundraising and finally, writing that helped her heal the most.

You might be skeptical of these alternative healers, but if you have read the book, perhaps you have changed your mind. Although some sections were cut, the sessions were recorded (with permission) and the dialogue is exactly what was relayed during the session. You may want to reach out to one them.

Deborah A. Frenette – International NCM/NMT Practitioner
Natural Control Method/Neuromodulation Technique
Email,  437-344-0553 or connect on FB

Jaye McKenzie– Medium – 
email   Toronto – 416- 784-4120

Veronica Hart – Medium –
email  Kingston – 613-483-8505

Bonita Lyne Brush – Reiki Medium – 905-891-5986

Long walks, coffee/tea dates and cocktail hour chats with girlfriends also wrapped Catherine in a warm blanket of love and consolation.